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MusicSkins LLC, a creator of vinyl skin products for iPhones, iPods, laptops and gaming accessories, recently announced the launch of its new Customizer, an online tool that allows anyone to easily design and create unique one-of-a-kind personalized skins using their own favorite photos, graphics, and artwork to suit any taste and style.

Up to now, MusicSkins has been best known for its line of skins featuring musicians and emerging artists.

“Our focus on the music scene puts us in the forefront of pop culture. The popularity of so many diverse images in our music-themed skins catalog clearly proves our belief that everyone has a unique personality and style,” observed Jed Seifert, MusicSkins LLC Executive Vice President. “Personal electronic devices are the perfect canvas for expressing individuality, and MusicSkins has always been the source for the coolest skins.”

“Now our Customizer introduces a fresh new twist on personalizing the electronic devices we all use every day, making it easy and fun for people to express themselves using their own favorite photos and images,” continued Seifert. “You easily can feature your band, friends, family, loved ones, a favorite pet, a crazy party pic, great vacation photo, or your company logo on your cell phone or iPod.”

The Customizer is available online on the MusicSkins website. Users simply choose from a wide selection of devices including iPhones and iPods, then upload a personal photo, logo, artwork, image or pick artwork from MusicSkins collections. Customizer lets them size, position and manipulate the image, and even add background colors and personalized text.

The custom iPhone and iPod touch skins are priced between $15 and $30 USD to make it affordable for consumers to create personal collections of individualized device skins. MusicSkins are quick and easy to change, giving people the freedom to be as creative and in the now as they want to be.

Like all MusicSkins products, the Customizer personalized skins are made of premium quality vinyl that provides a high-gloss photo grade finish while protecting the electronic device with a durable, scratch-resistant, anti-UV coating. The skins’ patented 3M air release adhesive technology ensures that they apply easily, evenly and bubble-free. Unlike decals, stickers and other kinds of device covers, MusicSkins can also be easily removed without leaving any residue, making it clean and easy to switch skins. MusicSkins add almost zero bulk so the device will still fit perfectly with any case, bag, dock, iTrip or armband.

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