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Cut the Rope
Developer: Chillingo Ltd
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

cut the rope iphoneChillingo’s newest release, Cut the Rope, is a casual puzzle game that bears the mark of the developer with cute animation, innovative style and of course, great gameplay. A combination of physics, logic, and in some cases, quick reflexes, Cut the Rope has entertainment and a high replay value with 75 levels to master.

The premise is a little reminiscent of Gremlins, as a mysterious cardboard box arrives on your doorstep with instructions to feed the little critter inside. Om Nom, the little critter, prefers candy and to feed him, you simply have to get the candy to him. Suspended from ropes, the pieces of candy aren’t always easy to maneuver but you have tools to help you out. Swipe to cut the ropes, pop bubbles, use blowers, and watch out for obstacles like spiders and electric currents. Om Nom is patient, but he's hungry and will be a little disheartened if you fail.

Adorable animation, colorful graphics, and lively sound combine with a casual physics-based puzzle to make Cut the Rope a star worthy game. And speaking of stars, the biggest challenge is to collect three stars from every level. As your advance through 75 levels and upgrade to various boxes, your progress is saved and you can go back to replay any level with fewer than three stars. Every level is unique and presents a different type of rope cutting challenge.

Chillingo Ltd. has always been generous in supplying free versions of its games for users to sample, and Cut the Rope is no exception. However, this full version is worth the .99 price tag. It’s not only fun and unique, but balances a casual challenge with value entertainment. Cut the Rope is smooth and polished and fun for all ages.

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  • Dave Wright

    love to see this on android, this is just the kind of game that sucks away an hour or 2