Daily Count: Another Flawed Calorie Count App


Daily Count from Paze Interactive is one of the worst dieting apps I have seen on iPhone. Unlike other apps, this one doesn't even try to calculate the calories in a specific food -- you have to enter them yourself. Same with activities: you need to enter, for example, the word "running" and then enter the calorie burning equivalent (say 250).

Absolute waste of $0.99

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  • http://www.gadgetme.com James McCarthy

    I agree with this 50 word review. Bought it last week and was disappointed that it didn't have any kind of calorie database at all. Additionally, it turns out that it doesn't work with OS 3 either. I should have stayed with my gut on this one and looked the other way.

  • Coco

    Well, I love this app. I don't need an app to look up calorie info. Who wants to slog through screen after screen to enter "milk, skim - 8 oz" or search for the information for any packaged food item when its right on the box. This is simple, yes, but that's the beauty of it. I just hope they get the update out soon!