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darts iphoneDarts by Brian Hammond doesn’t quite hit the bulls-eye, but is still an entertaining free game for the iPhone or iPod touch. There are a lot of very nice aspects in Darts gameplay. It's just a few missing features that keep it from perfection.

When you load Darts, the first screen is the main menu which contains options for Practice, Play vs. A.I. and Help. You are also given a notice that if you want to adjust the game’s settings you need to leave the game and find the app in the iPhone or iPod touch’s main setting, panel. I found this to be annoying. It's not uncommon for an app to put it's settings in Apple's menu, but I resent having to leave the game to adjust my options.

Practice allows you to throw darts without any interruptions.

Play vs. A.I. lets you play a computer opponent. It also brings up another menu where you can choose between X01 or a Cricket game as well as adjust your skill level. If you choose X01, you have the option to change the specific games settings (301, 501, 601...) and it also lets you choose specific rulings.

Help provides information on the interface, X01 rules and Cricket rules. I was surprised at how detailed the help section was, which is useful if you are unfamiliar with these games.

Another positive element in this darts game are the graphics. They're amazing. The realism of the dart board definitely adds to the gameplay. However, some numbers are a little hard to read and the top of the board is covered by the player name. The animation of the darts flying is fluid and complements the detailed dart board. The scoring interface, which is designed to look like a chalk board is also very fitting with the rest of the elements.

The actual throwing or “flicking” of the darts takes a little time to understand. You start by moving an aimer to the desired location followed by a finger-click across the screen to "throw" the dart. The flick is speed sensitive which is what takes a bit of time to get under control.

Adding more features, such as detailed statistics after each game and an online leader board for high scores, would give Darts have a higher replay value. However, for a free app Darts is definitely worth trying it out.

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