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Dash Office Accelerated VPN and Browser (AppStore Link)
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Dash Office Accelerated VPN and Browser
Developer: ActMobile, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store


I travel, a lot. And it's not to isolated areas with great network connections. Rather, it's to very large trade shows with tens of thousands of mobile devices blowing up the network that always results in a recipe of nine parts congestion and one part annoyance. One app I've been putting through the paces is Dash Office, a productivity app that ups your mobile browsing speed, locks down your security and improves the performance of your iPad or iPhone. Does it work? The short answer is yes.

Let's get the price out of the way first as the average consumer will probably want to pass on this one, but for the business traveler or person who always finds themselves with a congested connection, Dash Office could be an essential app in your mobile office arsenal. After the app's seven day free trial, the price to continue goes to $9.99 a month, $19.99 for three months or $69.99 for a year of service. Quite a bit of savings for the year. So for less than $.20 cents a day you can have a fast and secure mobile internet connection.

But how fast? Well, the screenshot included on the App Store for Dash Office shows a Speed Factor of 5.1 x, however, I saw upwards of 20.1 x. It was a tremendous speed boost, but I was at my home during the day without many factors around. When I went downtown I saw around 8 x, but again, not a very populated area. I also live in a 4G LTE enabled area so to see a speed boost improvement was pretty impressive. Just how do they do it? Patent-pending technology, which of course is everyone's answer when you have something good to protect.

"We were tired of being at the airport or on a congested network somewhere and not being able to use the Internet. We drew upon past experience speeding up wide area networks for enterprises and came up with Dash Office. The security aspect was an added benefit to a system we came up with to draw less data at faster rate from the network. We are online all the time, and we ourselves can’t live without Dash Office anymore," said John Williams, Founder, VP Sales and Marketing at ActMobile, Inc.

In addition to the speed boost, there is also a security offer within Dash Office. Since all your data is sent through a secure VPN connection as part of the app's design, it is secured even if you're on an insecure network. This is helpful if you have sensitive information going back and forth between friends, family or clients.

Probably one of the most useful features, besides the actual improvements themselves, is that you can access your analytics to ensure the app is working. You can view all of your data savings, record data usage and of course see the actual performance benefits. You can also manipulate your data cap within the dashboard to help keep an eye on your data usage.

Overall, Dash Office is a very useful tool for mobile device owners who need a faster connection in congested areas and who are worried about security. If you find it useful and want to keep it after the seven day free trial then definitely pick up the yearly subscription to maximize your savings.

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