Dating on the iPhone -- Why Are There no Apps?


Dating - iPhone Apps

Dating is a huge category (and a profitable one) for websites. Companies like (owned by IAC), eharmony and  jdate are just a few examples of websites that focus specificaly on dating. Newer examples are the web 2.0 speed dating sites woome and  But do a Google Search for "iphone dating", or an itunes search for "dating" and you will find only a few iPhone optimized sites -- no real apps to speak of (please correct me if I am wrong).

iFlirt iPhone App

So where are the iPhone apps? A photoshopped gag for the "iFlirt" application appeared on Gizmodo last month (see above). And one of our favorite gossip sites, iPhoneSaviour writes about iPhone dating parties, where iPhones are used to ask the big question (will you go on a date with me?) after the initial mingling.

Unless I am missing something, dating is a logical direction for iPhone apps to go. Once the iphone gets video and background GPS, it might get a little scary as well...

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  • redg

    I hear there is going to be a really cool announcement from one of these companies at this conference....

  • John

    I wrote an iPhone app that has worked as a fun ice breaker in all kinds of settings. It's called Rate-My-Date and basically shows a beating heart (your "date pulse") that can be made faster or slower with a slider at the bottom of the screen. When the heart beats, a "bleep" sound like an EKG plays, and if the dates goes sour, it turns into a flat line with the famous monotone warning sound from various hospital shows.

  • mike

    there's now an eharmony iphone app called 'harmony helper'
    it's totally worth it - browsing your matches by photo is so much more user friendly.
    here's a link

  • lee
  • ? Jones

    There's a Swedish dating app that's really good. I don't live in Sweden, but the girls are really something... ;)

  • William Raymond

    This article really pointed out a gap in the dating market back then but things have changed out. Slowly, the dating websites like Lovestruck realised where they were missing out and developed apps for the growth of the smartphone market -