Drop the Hammer on Days of Thunder


days of thunder iphoneI'm not a fan of NASCAR, but I sure do like Days of Thunder from Freeverse. This is one heck of a racing game, unlike the movie of the same name.

Days of Thunder is a classic racing game. You start by assuming the identity of a driver. I'm Cole Trickle, the character Tom Cruise played in the movie. It's a good thing too: Cruise and I are just alike except I'm better-looking and much taller. I get to swap paint with a bunch of good old boys with names like Joey Ray Bodine and Gordon Riggs, Jr.

You start with the amateur level, and as you do better and start winning races, you level up to better cars, different circuits and locations. In this game, your circuits include qualifying, pro, endurance and others. Your race locations include Tennessee, Arizona, Virgina and others.

Days of Thunder, like most other racing apps of this kind, has a gas pedal on the right side and a brake pedal on the left. You steer using motion control. All the controls are more responsive than I've seen in similar racing games such as gameloft's Ferrari GT: Evolution. Since I brought it up, I think the graphics are better in gameloft's sim and it has more options than Days of Thunder.

Still, Days of Thunder's graphics, soundtrack and SFX are terrific.

Nail the accelerator on the straights, tap the brakes going into a turn, then drop down inside to pass. On a good day, you can draft the car ahead of you and sling past.

There were times when I'd really be on the gas but couldn't overtake the leaders. Scraping the wall, which I seemed to do too often, certainly didn't help. I also should have listened to my crew chief and pit for a tire change like he kept telling me to do but I was having too much fun to stop. Besides, Cole Trickle does what he wants. He's the guy behind the wheel, right?

Days of Thunder is only $0.99! Get it.

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