Deep Sea Catch Is A Calm and Soothing iOS Game That’s As Easy As Shooting Fish In A Barrel

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Deep Sea Catch
Developer: Nexgen Studio Pte Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store

Deep Sea Catch for iPhoneHave you every wanted to shoot fish in a barrel, but don’t have to time to find a gun and a barrel? Well now may be your chance to finally fulfill that obscure desire, because Deep Sea Catch is just the app for you.

Deep Sea Catch is an arcade style game for the iPhone and iPad that has one simple objective — catch fish. While it may not exactly be shooting fish in a barrel, it's pretty darn close. The gist of the game is to catch fish with a net that shoots out of cannons attached to your submarine.

The overall concept of Deep Sea Catch is that you are in charge of a ship that captures fish for coins. So for every fish that you capture you will receive a certain amount of coins — larger fish are worth more coins, but are harder to catch. Every time you shoot out a net in Deep Sea Catch you are charged coins, so you must be strategic about which fish you try and catch otherwise you will run out of ammunition. The game also lets you keep the fish you catch in your own iOS aquarium.

During my initial introduction to Deep Sea Catch I did not think I would like the app. It looked simple and to be quite honest, boring. Maybe it’s because I am not much of a fisherman, but I was not expecting to like the game. But after using the app a couple of time, I quickly changed my opinion. And of course, that is why we should never judge an app by its cover, because Deep Sea Catch is a fun and addicting iOS gaming experience.

One element I loved about Deep Sea Catch was the multiplayer option. The game can accommodate up to four players at once, and catching fish instantly becomes a barrel of fun as all four players compete to catch the most fish. The controls in the game are simple and easy to use. You simply press an arrow to shoot, and move your device left or right to control the direction of the submarine.

Deep Sea Catch is available for all of your iOS devices but looks particularly fantastic on an iPad. The larger screen really lets the graphics of the app shine, and staring at fish swim across your screen has the calming affect that a real aquarium might have.

Deep Sea Catch is a free download, and provides a great iOS gamming experience for the price. Overall, I had nothing but fun using the app and would recommend it to anyone looking for a calm and soothing iOS gaming experience.

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