Jet Through Sky and Blast Aliens in Defendroid


Defendroid iPhoneThe iPhone's accelerometer has made possible  many great aviation and racing games. It works again in Defendroid, a fun jet vs. aliens aerial combat game that has some fun, albeit simple, gameplay.

The scenario is familiar: you take charge of a fighter jet that must blast aliens. By tilting the phone and tapping on the screen you zip through the sky and shooting down enemies. A sliding bar on the left accelerates the jet, while tapping on the right side of the screen launches your weapons.

The goal is to destroy an odd-shaped alien mother ship along with the smaller fighters in order to advance to the next level. There are also light blue objects that you can fly through to replenish your energy. Flying was pretty easy and almost just as much fun as attacking the enemies. A radar screen in the bottom left keeps track of where the aliens are, although it is a bit tiny to be truly effective.

Speaking of tiny, Defendroid's help menu has some a seriously small font size. This section lays out the details of all the game characters and what role they play - but good luck reading it.

The options menu allows you to change the difficulty, volume, and whether or not to have sound in the game. The audio choice is the regular generic video game background noise complete with battle sounds, but it's not bad.

You can also type in your name for storing high scores. The customization pretty much ends there, as there is currently no way to play against others over Wi-Fi as exists in some other games. Some more customization in weapons and jets would be a welcome addition. Without these, Defendroid has a somewhat generic feel. It is fun to play, but it may not hold your attention over the long term once you have met your quota of enemies.

In the end it offers a fun gaming experience that  many may find worthy of a download. Although some additional features would make Defendroid an even more compelling option.

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