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Delivery Status touch, a package tracker
Developer: Junecloud LLC
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delivery status touch iphoneIf you shop online frequently and are nutty about keeping a close eye on the whereabouts of your packages,  Junecloud's Delivery Status touch could be useful. The rest of us will probably find it a bit of a yawn.

Delivery Status touch, which began life as a Mac dashboard widget, enables you to track your packages as they travel through DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS and other carrier systems as well as packages sent from Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Google Checkout and  Nintendo.

Right now, I'm keeping an eye on a package that's on its way to me via UPS from, where I frequently shop for computer gear. NewEgg sent me an email with the UPS tracking info. I simply clicked on the UPS number included in the email and up came a page on the company's site with tracking info. Looks like I'll get the package in about 2 days.

To see what I might get out of using Junecloud's app, I fired it up. First things first, I need to set up an account. I don't want to sign up for yet another account but it looks like I have no choice. That process took longer than I expected because I kept getting errors messages about my password and account set up. I turned Delivery Status touch off, relaunched, and then it worked.

Next, I entered a name for the package and the tracking number. I inadvertently entered "Asia" instead of "Asus" as the name of the package I wanted to track. Although I corrected the mistake twice after I relaunching the app, "Asia" kept popping up as the package name. Nevermind, I think.

According to Delivery Status touch , the package will arrive in 3 days from now. That's odd. I went directly to the UPS site and entered my tracking number and I see the delivery has been rescheduled and that I will indeed get the package in about 3 days from now.

Okay, so Delivery Status touch is more up-to-date than the tracking info at NewEgg. That's enough to convince me the app does what the developer says it does.

The thing is about this delivery status app, however, is that it really doesn't help me beyond the way I track packges now. I get maybe two or three packages a month and I just don't need a separate app to track them for me. I expect that's true for most people. I gave Delivery Status touch okay marks considering the problems I experienced, but low marks for practicality and then split the difference.

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  • Miravlix

    Your review is pretty bad and incorrect to booth.

    You don't need to sign up for anything to use this app, unless you want the extra functionality of using your browser and a javascript bookmark to add trackers to the app.

    The extra functionality reads various web sites and one click add you tracks to the junecloud that the app can then sync with.

    and I think you might want to buy an extra device for your reviewing, that you keep clean, sounds like yours is seriolusy full of stuff and that breaks Apple's OS, but it seems like your misconception is instead blaming the apps for Apple OS failures. (I have the same cruft issue myself, clean the phone all apps I've tried suddently works perfectly, fill it up with all my stuff and I get breakage all over, due to the OS failing, common issue is that the web browsing throught the SDK start failing due to memory errors.)

  • Michael Alexander

    Thanks for the comment.

    I'm sorry that I left the impression that you must sign up to use the app. I always sign up for accounts to make sure I get a complete look at the app. I was a bit frustrated that this was yet another app that I had to sign up for and that frustration affected the clarity of the point I wanted to make. The reason I'm responding to your post is to clarify that point because your understanding of that paragraph was not what I intended to convey. My bad.

    Your point about the iPhone being full of cruft is a good one. That's why I make sure to clean it of nearly everything but essential apps and the apps that I'm currently reviewing. At this minute, I have 5.9 GB free, which is typical for me.

    I also make a point of shutting down and relaunching the OS, especially when an app misbehaves. I should do that more often. I mention the difficulties I encounter in my reviews in hopes that if a reader encounters a similar problem they'll know how to address it.

    I tend to be discriminating about the apps that I'm willing to make precious room for on my iPhone. This wasn't one of them.