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Demolition Master: Project Implode All (AppStore Link)
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Demolition Master: Project Implode All
Developer: Oleksii Koval'
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demolition-master-iphone-appDemolition Master -- Big crowds always turn out to see a building implode, caused by the handiwork of highly skilled demolition experts. There’s hardly a more satisfying and captivating sight than to see a huge building collapse on itself.

That must explain why building demolition or implosion games have become so popular in the App Store lately. The past few weeks have seen the introduction of at least three of these games including AppMania’s Demolition Master, which joins IUGO Mobile Entertainment’s Implode! and iauns’s iDemolished.

Demolition Master’s game play is fairly typical of the genre. Grab sticks of dynamite, strategically place them on the building’s primary supporting beams and push the plunger. If you’ve placed your explosives correctly, the building will collapse. To make it a bit more challenging, the building must flatten within a predetermined area and height (as you probably would have to do in real life).

There are 7 stages, each with 15 levels, so Demolition Master will keep you occupied through several hours of play.

This app doesn’t have much in the way of help to guide you -- not that there's a lot to know. I discovered I could move dynamite from one support beam to another by tapping on it and then tapping again on the new location. I also discovered that double tapping the screen magnifies it, making it easier for me to see where to place my bundles of dynamite.

Demolition Master’s physics are pretty good but still needs fine tuning. In some instances, buildings that would collapse in the real world, continue to stand tall in the virtual one.

The graphics are a mixed bag. The buildings look more like houses of cards. I think the look of the game could be improved by making the building's support structures a bit wider and more substantial, which would also make it easier to place bombs.

Demolition Master's sound track and effects are varied and polished. The siren’s wail right before an explosion also is a nice touch. If you get tired of the app's sound track, you can switch to listening to your iPod.

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  • Michael Vallez

    For some reason I love apps that encourage blowing stuff up. This app looks good and I will have to give it a whirl. Thanks for the review.