Devs Keep Pace with New 3.0 Updates


star-defense-ngmoco-new-3-os-updates-iphoneOS 3.0 Updates -- If you had the same idea, at the same time as everyone else, you might not have had the opportunity to download version 3.0 of Apple’s new and awesome OS update yet.  You have a lot to look forward to, that's for sure.

There are many new features to like about the new update and we’ve pretty much covered them all – from landscape typing in email and notes to Spotlight search (one of my favorite new features).

Several well-known app developer released new versions of their apps to coincide with the new update. Here are only few of the some of the interesting ones.

iphone update 3.0 appsFreeverse enhanced its extremely popular Flick Sports title, Flick Fishing. The new edition uses the new In-App Purchase to add new customer-orientated game content including a new location, fish and brand new game mode, Fish Jack, that uses new the Peer-to-Peer connectivity feature.

iphone update 3.0 appsngmoco announced a new Topple 2, enhanced with an enhanced music playlist. ngmoco also enhanced its new Star Defense to enable players to expand their campaigns and compete with friends via Direct Challenges. In addition to Twitter, Facebook and email, players can send Direct Challenges via Push Notification Service to their friends over the Plus+ network, a free service for the iPhone gaming community. After registering for Plus+, gamers can challenge and play against the world, earn rewards, and discover more of the games they like. Look for a review on AppCraver within the next 24 hours.

iphone update 3.0 appsEvernote enables iPhone users create notes, take snapshots, record audio memos, and search content created on their iPhone or iPod touch, desktop computer, or the Web, thanks to its cloud-based sync functionality. Evernote 3.0 features list sync for browsing and quick filtering; map view plots notes on a map based on their creation location; pending notes can be edited or deleted while they sync; notes can be grouped by date, notebooks or geographic location and more.

iphone update 3.0 will begin streaming full-length live games  via At Bat 2009 app today’s Chicago White Sox-Chicago Cubs Interleague Play matchup from Wrigley Field at 2:20 p.m. (EDT). MLB. come broadcast two live games per day, subject to blackout restrictions.

iphone update 3.0 appsSocial Gaming Network says its F.A.S.T. (Fleet Air Superiority Training) application has been updated with iPhone OS 3.0 features to enable lightning fast multiplayer gameplay over Bluetooth.

iphone update 3.0 appsSonicMule (Smule), reworked its Leaf Trombone World Stage into a massively multi-player musical game, with multi-touch, location services, full-time data access, and real-time graphics. Performers can compete before a live panel of judges, or serve on a panel, among other features.

AT&T says it will support auto-authentication for iPhone OS 3.0 users connecting to AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots. Auto-authentication allows iPhone users to seamlessly switch from AT&T's 3G network to an AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot without being prompted.  It eliminates the previous two-step authentication, making it easier and faster for iPhone customers to connect to AT&T Wi-Fi. Auto-connect is established once a customer connects their iPhone to an AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot the first time.

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