Dexy's Note Taker is Both Free-Form and Functional


dexy iphoneDexy, from Zonk, is a nicely executed, free-form notes taker and notes organizer that is far more capable and useful than the iPhone native app.

It's similar conceptually to a stack of 3 X 5 index cards. And like index cards, Dexy gives you the option of entering text in portrait and landscape mode. If you're like me, and find entering text in portrait mode a chore, you'll appreciate Dexy's ease of use in the landscape mode.

Dexy gives you the option of selecting among American Typewriter, Courier New, Georgia, Helvetica, Times New Road and Verdana typeface. You also have the option of setting the type size to small, medium or large. Last, you can choose from among eight different stationery backgrounds.

After you've written a note, you can save or email it. Dexy also provides a free backup and restore service for your notes. The company says it's secure. You can backup as often as you like and Dexy recommends you backup before updating the app.

Dexy has a search bar and will search based on the text the each card contains. If you write "AppCraver" on 5 out of 123 cards for example, those 5 will come up and you can scroll through them. The search bar is predictive, so typing "App," for example, will get you where you want to go without filling in the rest.

The interface is streamlined and Dexy works better than any other notes taker I've used, so this one gets a big thumb's up from me.

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  • Brian.kappa

    I wish we didn't have to back these things up so often. Every time you update you have to back up some odd 30+ gets tedious. I wish there was an easier way

  • Damien

    this is ultimately the same thing as notepad or word. But just much less complex

  • JoshPratt79

    i will get this app 4 writing my song lyrics wherever im at