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Sometimes you are not always in front of your television when you think of a show that you want to record on your DVR. If you are a DirecTV subscriber, the new DirecTV iPhone app gives you the freedom to program shows or series right from your iPhone/iPod touch.

With the DirecTV app there are three options for finding content: search, browsing through the channels, or finding a program by date/time. The search functions fairly well, but expect to receive a large number of results.  For example, a search for ESPN's Sportscenter pulled up 58 results. From there you can sift through the list to find the particular show that you want to record.

If you have a better idea of what channel or time the particular program is going to be on then it may be preferable to browse through the channel listing.  Each program has a description, its length, and the date when it airs. You can look through channels by their number or channel name. Simply tap on the program and record just this episode or the entire series. The phone vibrates to confirm your selection (if you find this annoying it can be changed under the settings).

One option that was missing in DirecTV was the ability to extend the recording time for a show. This is especially handy when recording a sporting event that may go into overtime and extend past the scheduled ending time. As a workaround for the iPhone app I found it best to record a show or two after the end time of the game.

DirecTV is quite handy if you are a DirecTV subscriber and want the ability to record shows while away from home. The iPhone app works better than the mobile site and is indispensible for recording programming if you are on the road or just away from your television.

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