Disappearing iPhone: What to do when iPhone doesn't show up in iTunes


iphone not showing up in itunesI upgraded my Mac over the weekend and finally installed Leopard. The whole process was simple and went off without a hitch — I thought.

This morning I downloaded a few new programs from the App Store, plugged in my iPhone to sync. And... nothing! A little beep let me know the phone was plugged in and the battery was charging, but as far as iTunes was concerned, no phone.

A quick trip to the Internet showed that this is a relatively common problem for folks that upgrade. Here's the link to the Apple discussion forum that solved my iPhone issue. The solution is to reinstall iTunes — even if you're already using the current iTunes version.

So, now my iPhone is happily syncing again and I'm completely up-to-date with software. The bright side is now I get to test out the new features of iTunes 8 such as Genius and the new Visualizer.

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  • Rick

    Mac or Windows it doesn't matter. The more active you are with the iphone, the more problems you find. And for some stupid reason you get in line at the genius bar, wait for an hour, and fall back in love the iphone. Great phone, needs to stomp out the bugs.