dizm SKATE has the Attitude, but is a Rough Ride

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dizm SKATE
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dizm SKATEdizm SKATE - Most skateboarding aficionados regard Touchgrind as the pinnacle of apps in this category. It has an innovative interface and captures the rough and uneven nature of pulling off tricks on a skateboard.

dizm SKATE (clearly punctuation rules go out the window in the App Store) is the new kid on the block in simulated skateboard apps. The app appears to kick off with the right street cred — much of dizm SKATE's environment really matches the alternative attitude of skateboarding with the addition of Greg Lutzka and music by the likes of Skullcandy.

The goal is to perform skateboarding tricks by tapping through the alternating light patterns that pop up on the bottom of the screen. Doing this enables your skater to pull off the killer moves that you are need to score points and advance the game. They start off pretty easy but then get progressively harder. The more tricks you perform, the higher your point total. For each gaffe, you get a letter (it's a skateboard version of HORSE). Once you spell out S-K-A-T-E, you're done.

This section of the game works just fine and is likely to keep your brain fresh and challenged. The only problem is that a skateboarding game conjures up images of trying to tilt your phone or tap madly on the screen in order to pull off the tricks.

If you are looking for a skateboarding game where you will be using the accelerometer and twisting the phone around, this is not for you. Unfortunately dizm SKATE just doesn't feel like a skateboarding game. It is more like controlling a skateboarder by playing Simon Says.

Although the looks are great, another downside to dizm SKATE is that those good looks make some elements slow. The game has a pretty long load time and stalled a few times during gameplay.

Overall, dizm SKATE is a fine app as long as you know what to expect. If you enjoy a good mental challenge and don't mind a few grungy skateboarders showing up, then give dizm SKATE  try.

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