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Productivity apps are a dime a dozen, but there are a few good ones out there such as the get things done app Next! and multi-page scanner Scanner Pro. And now, there's one more, which is aptly named DocuSign Ink and is now my new favorite mobile document signer. For me, this is an essential app for my mobile office.

As I've mentioned in the past, I'm a consultant and find myself working from a lot of remote locations (coffee shops, my kitchen, road trips, etc.) and I'm always in search of the apps that help me be more productive. When I'm on the road, there is no more annoying task then having to sign a document and get it back to the client. Sure, there's Kinkos and it serves its purpose, but the entire reason I paid for an iPhone and iPad was so that I didn't have to stop what I was doing and go print out a document so I can put my John Hancock on it and scan or fax it back. I want to do this from my mobile devices and DocuSign Ink helps me do just that. 

After launching the app, I was prompted to setup an account, which I just chose the sign in with Facebook option. Even still, it made me reenter my email to then have a verification email sent to myself. This actually was a welcomed step and adds to the security of the app. There are two ways to use the app, including import just about any document (PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, text, image files, etc.) or using the app's capture feature to shoot and import a document to sign.

But first, click on the identity tab to manage signatures. Then use a finger or stylus to create a signature as well as initials. These can be updated at any time. What's brilliant about this step is that creates a DocuSign ID Card, complete with the person's headshot, name, email address and signature. This can be turned on or off within the privacy settings, which are located in the signatures tab.

Once the document is imported or captured to the device, DocuSign Ink pulls up the document for the signature and presents a small drop down menu with the option of including a signature, initials, name, date signed, text or checkbox. All extremely helpful for securely signing a document on the go. Then click finish and DocuSign Ink automatically creates an email with said document attached and is ready to be sent.

For its simplicity and fast, but secure setup, DocuSign Ink is by far one of the most useful apps for securely signing documents on the go. It will be a great addition to anyone looking for a mobile signature app.

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  • Richard Lane

    Still wondering what makes this process "secure"? Or even what the app actually adds to the document? Can anybody please tell me? Thanks for any insights that are given.

  • Joe

    Yes, but...

    Every document has a one page ad at the end that encourages the recipient to buy Docusign. How could the review miss that fact! They want $180 a year for the ad free version!

    Btw, Zosh used to do this as a onetime $5 pay app. Still looking to replace it. But Docusign is NOT the answer

  • Tgonser

    Why this is more secure: the signature is more than just an image. It can be clicked with a PDF reader that supports links, and connects back to the DocuSign network to validate that this was actually processed by the service, and not just an image stamped onto a PDF which is easily duplicated.

    The server file is also encrypted, and contains an audit trail, time stamp, ip address used, etc.

    Why this is better than Zosh/others: for one, it is easier and faster. No need to email to Zosh to sign. Second, it is free to sign as much as you want - others cost $$ for that.. The plans that cost $ are esign workflow services for situations where you need to create signable docs for 1-n others to sign. Compared to FedEx, the $1-3 per envelope with any number of docs sent out for signature to any number of people is very cheap compared to the slow 1 week turnaround and $50 overnight round trip charges...

  • Richard Lane

    Thanks for the help (so far) ... But let me see if I understand this ...

    I create or receive a document on my iPhone or iPad. I open DocuSign Ink, identify the document, and select my option - initials, signature, etc. The app then prepares a PDF file with my chosen option added, plus a link to the DocuSign Ink website - if the recipient wants to get some additional verification regarding the authenticity of the signature - plus a 1-page advertisement? The PDF becomes an attachment ready for me to send off.

    Is this what happens? Thanks again for any clarification provided.