SushiTime brings Colorful Sushi Dictionary to the iPhone


Ever find yourself at a Sushi joint wondering what exactly a specific item on the menu is?  It's for this very reason that everybody from seasoned foodies to  the newly culinary adventurous will appreciate SushiTime (for the iPod Touch and iPhone).  SushiTime acts as a concise reference for sushi related terminology spanning sushi, beverages, appetizers and a hodgepodge of other terms.  The opening interface sorts the items by the English name in a table view (similar to the Contacts app).  Touching an item opens a slick card interface with the name of the item and a colorful picture of the item.  Tapping on the card flips it to the backside where the English translation of the word can be found and a button to add this item to a "Favorites" list.  Clicking the "Back" in the top left corner returns you to the "Name" list.  At the bottom are buttons to see your "Favorites" or to see the same list sorted by "Category".  Clicking on items in either of these two lists brings up the familiar card interface.
Almost all restaurant menus have only a few items with pictures, a failing that SushiTime helps conquer.  When it comes to trying something out of the ordinary, the lack of visual feedback makes it more difficult to take the leap of faith necessary to order it.  SushiTime alters your dining experience by removing this apprehension and allowing you to expand on your tried and tested favorites; something that you don't expect from an app but certainly will welcome.

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