Doodle Rams is Multiplayer King of the Mountain

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Doodle Rams for iPhoneSome of my fondest childhood memories are centered around playing King of the Mountain, hill, snow mound and various other locations I was trying to conquer. Doodle Rams has brought this idea to the iPhone, but with one caveat, there must be another player on the gaming network to be able to play.

This idea is very interesting in that there is no computer to play against. This works well for me as I'm not a big fan of playing against the computer. I'd rather play against a real life person for an authentic gaming experience. Sometimes the worst part of a game is the computer's inability to think and react normally. In this aspect, Doodle Rams gets my vote of confidence.

However, Doodle Rams just launched last week and the main issue is having real life humans on the gaming network to challenge in an old school game of King of the 'insert location here'. Luckily, my first attempt at the game resulted in an epic duel bringing back memories of yesteryear.

The game has a simple rule, get to the top and stay there and the longer that the player's ram is at the top the more points from "time bonuses" they gather and the most points wins. Simple enough. While the theory is simple, the actual gameplay is more difficult than one would think. The ram automatically bounces and through left and right physics it has to be pointed in the correct direction of random rocks that act as virtual ladders to the top of the mountain.

Once on the top, the challenge is to stay there. This is done by using any trick in the book to bump the opponent into uncertain death by cliff fall. When playing with more than two opponents, there is an added strategy that can be had, teaming up to push the other one or two cliff dwellers off the top and let them fall to the bottom to start their climb again.

The gaming features allow multiplayer battle mode over WiFi or 3G network with up to four players. And as most games do, Doodle Rams tracks high scores via a global leader board which keeps track of wins and knockouts. While the game is free to download, it is ad supported, but I found that they were not intrusive and did not interrupt gameplay.

For those casual gamers looking for an interesting twist on an old school backyard game, Doodle Rams will be a nice break from the numerous overdone games on the App Store.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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