Save the World, Lose Sleep with Doomsday Terminal

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doomsday-terminal-iphoneIf sleep or having a social life is not really your thing, then Doomsday Terminal may be the game for you. The premise is that you must prevent the impending end of the world through typing a code into the Doomsday Terminal. It must be entered once every 108 minutes in order to stay alive. Fail to do so and it means the end of civilization as we know it (until you decide to play Doomsday Terminal again).

If you are the competitive type then you will enjoy that Doomsday Terminal automatically tracks your performance in comparison to other players. From within the app or the Doomsday Terminal web site you can see how long you have to keep at it in order to become a world champion. As of this writing there was one poor sap who had survived for one week, three hours, and 24 minutes.

Doomsday Terminal definitely gets some points for originality. The developers at Small Rock Software have created a game that needs more frequent attention than a small child. Perhaps it will serve as a great challenge or memory test for some who want to keep Doomsday Terminal going by opening the app and entering the code.

The graphics are pretty good; the DOS-type characters in all their green glory made for a nice touch. Expect some snarky responses from the computer if you enter in the wrong code or do it too quickly. To learn a bit more about Doomsday Terminal it is worth checking out the options menu, where there is access to your own scores, global scores, and an options page where a few settings, such as the sound effects, can be tweaked.

I found Doomsday Terminal to be a quaint novelty and then moved on to some more sophisticated apps. Maybe I'm just not cut out to save the world.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • phnord

    You *do* know this is a LOST reference, right? I mean, you went the whole review without mentioning it, so I'm not sure if you knew...

  • DeadCell

    Bad Ass. I love Lost. Even if this wasn't based on it, it is still a cool idea, and I would get it anyway.

    Is this the same code that Desmond had to enter?

  • Chris G.

    The hatch (and Hurley's) numbers are 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. Say them over and over again, like Leonard!