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Dosage - Medication Information and Reminders (AppStore Link)
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Dosage - Medication Information and Reminders
Developer: Hubert Kunnemeyer
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DosageHaving a comprehensive medical app for keeping up with prescription and over-the-counter medications can prove quite useful – especially if it's Dosage, a medication organizing and reminder app. Remarkably this indie app has a great combination of features and access to information, making it a very useful app for patients and their caregivers. A recent overhaul of Dosage has left users with a practical, simple and resourceful means of managing medications, setting reminders and accessing information about their prescription drugs.

Dosage features a medications list with a searchable database for viewing information about the drugs added to the list. The information includes links to FDA data as well as drug information, access to health topics related to the drug from MedlinePlus and although potentially less reliable, a Wikipedia link too. The quick access to pertinent information is a useful feature, but Dosage offers much more.

In addition to creating a medications list and the information access, Dosage also allows the user to set medication reminders and make notes about each medication. Utilizing a days of the week system, users can check the day or days they take each drug and then set reminders or view them on the day-by-day calendar. They can also let Dosage remind them when their current prescription is running low. Another useful feature of Dosage is the ability to have your medications list available to you at all times as well as create a .pdf of your meds, including name, dosage, prescribing doctor and pharmacy – all useful for managing personal meds or a loved one’s medications.

Dosage is built on an easy-to-navigate interface, with tabs across the bottom for quick access. The home screen displays the names of all drugs added to the list and additional information or edits can be accessed by tapping on any given one. The only downside to Dosage is that it can only be used to track one list, rendering it impractical for multiple users. But for a single user, Dosage provides a great way to store and organize medication information and reminders. Updating the list is quick and easy and because you can edit the drug list anytime, you can always have an up-to-date medication list to share with health care providers.

Dosage is a practical app built for the purpose of managing meds and it does a good job of providing that ability. Those that use online mail-order for their prescriptions typically have access to the same information provided in Dosage, but with a mobile app the information is with you at all times. For the price, Dosage is definitely a practical, user-friendly way for anyone with multiple meds to manage their drug list and information.

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