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Dots Free
Developer: Optime Software LLC
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dots free iphone appI remember being a little boy back in grammar school wasting tons of time on a game that we drew out on a piece of paper and played. That game was called Dots, and no paper game was better than that one. Dots Free brings that game to the iPhone and you can play against the computer and reminisce about the good old days while playing your buddy in what has to be one of the greatest childhood time-wasters ever invented.

The object of Dots Free is simple and most of you already probably know, because, I mean come on, it's Dots. But for folks that skipped childhood here's the gist, strategically place a line between any two dots alternating turns with the person that you are playing against. The goal is to create boxes and keep your opponent from doing the same. Be careful where you place your lines because the player whose line completes the box gets the point.

In order to win at the end of the game you need to have the most completed boxes. Back in the day, when I used to play Dots on a piece of paper, you had to keep track of the scores ourselves. Dots Free not only keeps track of the score for you, the app also color codes each box according to who closed it. (Kids today have it so easy!)

On the opening page you have the option to choose whether you want to play computer v. computer, person v. computer, or person v. person. I don't exactly understand what the purpose of computer v. computer is, but I guess it could serve as a good learning technique.

You can also choose the difficulty level of the computer between easy and medium. Usually you play multiple games, so you can choose whether one person starts all the time or you alternate starting. You can shut off sound which is great and you can toggle the move again option which determines whether when you close a box you get to move again or not.

That's about all there is about Dots and it's free so go pick it up.

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