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Developer: Tandem Systems, Inc.
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Once considered a fluke that could very well ruin two groups of photos, double exposures have become just another creative tool in your camera bag of tricks. And now with DoubleExp FREE by Tandem Systems you can apply this same technique to your on-the-go library right from your iPhone or iPod touch for free. DoubleExp FREE lets you combine two of your existing photos to create one photo that appears to be double exposed using a variety of different filters for different looks.

When you begin, DoubleExp FREE lets you use photos from your Camera Roll or your Photo Library by pressing the button with the arrow pointing down. It also lets you to take a new photo right from the app with the camera icon on the bottom left. Once you have chosen your first photo just choose again or take another photo and it will be placed on top of the first one. You can do this as many times as you like, layering and layering, until your photo masterpiece is complete.

There are also a few different filters that you can use to get different affects: Half Mix, Screen, and Overlay. Of course, if you are someone who knows a lot about digital photography, then the difference between these three filters is going to be like night and day. For those of us light hobbyists, I recommend doing a test to see the difference. To see for myself I put the same two photos together using all three filters and then compared them. After doing this it was clear that they each had their own distinct look: Half Mix was a bit muted and gray, Screen had a washed out or over exposed look, and Overlay was bright and saturated with color.

Once you have finished your photo you can save it to your camera roll by using the button with the arrow pointing down, or you can trash it with the little trash can.

At the moment DoubleExp FREE is, well, free, although I doubt it will remain so for long since it is a pretty solid app that creates unique photos with just a few finger taps. The only thing that would be nice is if you could move the photos around. As it is now they are layered on as they appear, one right on top of the other, but it would be nice to be able to move them around a bit so that different elements of the photo will appear in different part of the frame. This way you would be able to combine two similar photos without blocking one with the other.

However, that said, the app is both bug free and free of charge so one cannot be too demanding when it comes to extras.

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  • Rob

    Lekker app!

  • Courtney

    Searched for it and couldn't find it. It's gone.