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Draw a Stickman: EPIC
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Draw a Stickman Epic for iOSDo you remember those books that allowed you to choose your own adventure? They were always very engaging and included several different ways to get to the end of the story. What if you could sketch the characters within the story too? Draw A Stickman: Epic allows you to do just that … and it's a blast.

Draw A Stickman: Epic is the follow up to the popular series including Draw A Stickman and Draw A Stickman Episode 2, with all three developed by Hitcents. While they are all the same in the sense that you have to sketch the main character and then guide him or her through the world, they are quite different in that the latest version is a lot more visually appealing with an improved color palate over the previous basic black and white versions. 

The game begins with a chance to draw your character. For those of you new to the series, know that you can draw your little stick figure as elaborate as you'd like. Eyes, a nose, ears, hands with fingers and hair can all be part of your drawing. So be creative as you'd like. Secondly, you'll draw a friend to be part of your adventure. At first, you'll think that they are going to be your sidekick, but you immediately find out that the unsuspecting book lying on the floor next to you snatches your friend. This is where your adventure begins, in the book, looking for your friend.

As the headline of the article suggests, it's not just you guiding your character through the story with a virtual joystick. Instead, the developer integrated an awesome twist to the story … you have to actually draw objects that you need to progress through the level. For instance, if there is a rock pile in your way and you happen to see a stick of dynamite nearby, you can use the fire pen to draw a flame and light the dynamite to clear a path. This aspect of Draw A Stickman: Epic is what makes this game a must download. It's a draw your own adventure style epicness that is so interesting and fun that you won't want to put it down.

Draw A Stickman: Epic is one of the most intriguing uses of the iOS gaming platform I've seen. Sure, it's not some over-the-top blockbuster shooter, but there is something to say about sketching fire and watching it burn surrounding objects. Really gets the imagination going.

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