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Draw Something
Developer: OMGPOP, Inc.
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Draw Something by OMGPOPReigning as the number one app in the App Store for several weeks in a row, Draw Something by OMGPOP is the current king of word and turn-based games. A truly entertaining and strangely addictive game, Draw Something is the artistic word-guessing game that can be played anytime, anywhere. Connect with friends through Facebook or start a game at random and let the drawing and guessing begin. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in Draw Something it only needs to be worth one.

If you haven’t jumped on the Draw Something bandwagon, you’re missing out on the opportunity to entertain yourself and others. As a turn-based game, you can’t necessarily play whenever you like, but most people can’t resist the chance to take their turn so the game remains fairly active regardless. Every turn gives you the opportunity to watch your partner guess the last drawing you submitted, guess a new word based on your partner’s drawing and then select a new word to draw for your current turn. Players earn coins with each correct guess that can be used to purchase additional colors or bombs.

The game essentially works a lot like Pictionary. Select one word from a list of three and then draw something that will make your partner think of that word. The words are categorized as "easy," "medium," or "hard" and coins for correct guesses are based on this selection. Words are guessed based in part on the drawing and in part on the selection of letters available. A highly artistic player may be able to produce a drawing that leaves no doubt as to the word, but those without this skill may have to get a bit creative. There are no “rules” per se, but a few people spoil the fun by writing out the word instead of trying to draw something. For the most part, people do their best to coax the right guess with a picture or sketch.

The basic goal of Draw Something by OMGPOP is casual entertainment. And it pretty much hits the mark. It’s worth at least a daily check to see who’s taken their turn and depending on how many people you’ve started games with, only takes a few minutes to catch up. You don’t have to love to draw or be good at it to be entertained by Draw Something, but if you hate drawing and hate guessing words then, well, you probably won’t enjoy it all that much. But it certainly is worth a try and the best part of Draw Something is the ability to pick it up and take a few turns whenever the mood strikes. Even when you’re looking at a drawing and thinking “what the heck is that?” there is a bit of satisfaction from figuring out the word with virtually no clue.

Draw Something by OMGPOP couldn’t be more casual and it seems to strike a chord with many people as a refreshing combination of social networking and gaming based merely on pictures and letters. There is no chat function like many turn-based games, but it doesn’t feel “absent”. The few flaws it does have, like the letter tile field blocking a small part of the drawing field during the guessing stage and the turn counter stuck at 99 despite one update attempt to fix it, does little to deter the desire to keep playing.

iPad users have an advantage over iPhone users in that there’s a bigger canvas and less opportunity for "fat finger" interference, but the game translates well to both platforms. The paid version is a mere .99 and is ad-free and contains more word choices, but there is a free ad-supported version available. And fear not – if you update from the free version to the paid version, your active games remain intact. So if you haven't already, download, join the fun and draw something for someone today!

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