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Draw This App
Developer: Peter Hamilton
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draw this app for ipad

Draw This is an iPad app that helps users improve their drawing skills with a series of traceable images.

Get ready to measure your artistic abilities (or lack thereof) and improve your skills with Draw This for iPad. A hybrid instructional and metrics tool for practicing drawing skills, Draw This challenges users to imitate various lines and shapes in an effort to improve their artistic eye. Draw This provides a range of drawing practice skills from circles to facial features and breaks down the more difficult renderings into line by line strokes for improved control and rendering.

Draw This uses different modes of presentation, but essentially offers a completed sketch and a blank area for replication. You can use a grid if it helps or eliminate it if it distracts. The app shows you line by line how to recreate the image and then gives you feedback as a percentage of accuracy. Challenge yourself with simple renderings and then bump it up to entire faces to see how well you can draw.

Draw This was created by an artist, so there must be some practical artistic skills being utilized and tested. But the metrics employed don’t seem to be as accurate as one might think because you can certainly somewhat cheat your way through a replication to obtain at least a passing score. Granted, if your own sketch looks nothing like the original, you won’t score high, but even a somewhat poor rendering will achieve a passing score more than half the time. It’s a bit hard to tell, but in all likelihood the attention to detail warranted by reproducing an image on a grid is probably a good way to hone drawing skills.

Draw This is user friendly with settings for both the right and left-handed artist. The library comes with a selection of primitives (cubes, cones and cylinders) and facial features, entire male and female faces as well as cartoon body parts can be unlocked with an additional in-app purchase. The app keeps track of which drawings in each category you have attempted and what score you achieved. The extent of the facial features include eyes, ears, noses and mouths – it’s not extensive, but does give several options for practicing these essentials at different vantage points.

In a sense, Draw This is part drawing tutorial, part grading scale. It was clearly designed for those with an interest in perfecting their drawing stroke. While each library object can be accomplished with just a touch of the finger, unless your goal is to learn fingerpainted portraits, a stylus is definitely your best bet.

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