Dreamscape is a Bubble Arcade Set against Dreamy Backgrounds

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Developer: Barefoot Explorers LLC
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dreamscape iphoneBubble popping games have been a part of iPhone culture since the beginning. In fact, there’s probably not a user out there who hasn’t stolen at least a few moments absentmindedly popping virtual bubbles between calls or emails. Typically, these types of apps are free and intended as pointless observations of finger dexterity and speed. Dreamscape, which is Barefoot Explorers’ rendition of the infamous bubble game is a bit different than the vast majority of others.

To begin with, Dreamscape is a paid app. However, it incorporates some of the aspects of an arcade game, such as limited numbers of misses, time limits, level advancements, high score tracking, and bonus point and combo opportunities. For this reason, Dreamscape is a little more detailed, even if based on the most simple of premises.

Visually, Dreamscape is attractive. A variety of backgrounds are incorporated into the various levels and displayed at random. Points are awarded for both the size of the bubble and the number of bubbles popped. Combo pops of three or more award the most points and bonus bubbles appear at random to boost the score. Game enders include the toxic bubble and running out of misses should your aim go wrong too many times.

Dreamscape is fairly well executed and as responsive as any touch screen popping game. The scoring method is a bit confusing as combos are hard to identify. It takes a bit of practice to discover the patterns that award the most points, but Dreamscape is forgiving (at it should be given the objective) and gives bubble popping a competitive edge.

Overall, Dreamscape is a fun and challenging bubble game – not that popping bubbles could ever be all that challenging. It borders on the line of “should be free,” but incorporates just enough features to warrant the lowest-end asking price of a dollar. Pretty enough to look at and simple enough to play, if bubble arcade games are your flavor, then by all means Dreamscape will provide you with enough entertainment to make it a worthy purchase.

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    Dreamscape is a Bubble Arcade Set against Dreamy Backgrounds: Pretty enough to look at and simple enough to play, ... http://bit.ly/bNFDya

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