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dropship iphone appMission: Navigate your Dropship spacecraft through the most treacherous canyons anywhere in deep  space, while dodging sustained enemy fire from turrets, tanks and interceptors. When you've reached the chasm's deepest bowels, retrieve glowing, life-sustaining cargo pods and evacuate your marooned friends. Understood?

ngmoco's Dropship, the latest addition to its line-up of popular games, is more than just a handful of fun. Learning how to fly and shoot takes about a minute and after that, the rest is up to you. How could anything so easy be so hard, anyway?

Dropship's look and feel is a combination of retro arcade and new-school graphics, although the new-school part is a bit unsophisticated in appearance. The audio is kind of spacey — just right for the game, in other words. Dropship is not as monotonous as some games I've played recently.

Dropship has dual analog, thumb-operated controllers — which ngmoco calls a 360 degree "touch anywhere" interface. The left thumb controls thrust and the right thumb is your trigger finger, er thumb. Like every arcade-style game you've ever played, the better you do, the better your weapons.

Dropship has a "Campaign" mode with 18 levels or mazes, which can be expanded with additional levels downloaded from ngmoco. Three mazes already are available: Christmas tree, Chanukah menorah and Maze, which looks way harder than it sounds.

There's also a "Freeplay Mode," and it's exactly what you would expect with a moniker like that.

By the way, the "friends" you save are not just some random people you're linked to on Facebook. Their names are pulled from your Contacts list. It's kind of creepy, really. Imagine losing your BFF: It's Bobby! We gotta save Bobby! Oh no, it's too late! Waahhh!

I'm already way too much into this game.

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