Drum Kit Rolls but It Doesn't Rock

Drum Kit Pro (AppStore Link)
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Drum Kit Pro
Developer: CrimsonJet LLC
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

If you're easily amused, you'll like the Drum Kit app from CrimsonJet. It's a six-piece drum kit that you can play using your thumbs.

Tap the snare, bass drum, cymbals to pound out a beat. Choose from among four flavors of sound: classic, rock, hip hop and techno. You can adjust the sound volume in a couple of ways.

The sound is remarkably realistic, I'll say that.

However, I'd like to see someone actually play something that sounds like music on this kit. If you want to see what it looks and sounds like in action, there's a so-so Drum Kit video on YouTube. 

I suppose a real drummer might find Drum Kit useful for figuring out compositions or something like that. Me, I played badly along with a couple of songs on the radio and then decided to go out and buy dog food.

I suppose you could compete musically with your friends, although I'd be worried about looking like a dork. You could also download a copy of Pocket Guitar, Ocarina, and Finger Piano and start your very own iPhone band.

Drum Kit is the second-highest pad app in the music category in the App Store's 2008 best-seller list. That accounts for  something, I guess. And hey, Drum Kit is only $0.99, which makes it cheap fun for as long as it lasts.

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