DT Calculator Puts a Price on Server Downtime

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DT CalculatorDT Calculator is an app that tracks the cost of server downtime in a company. However, it’s an app that is clearly aimed at IT administrators, folks who know better than anyone the infuriatingly high cost of lost sales and productivity due to servers that just can’t handle the traffic. So, what gives? Why make an app to preach to the choir?

The answer is that Storagepipe, the developer of both this app and of the network solutions that can rectify the problem, want to give IT admins a really handy and persuasive tool to show their bosses next time something goes wrong. More than just a productivity app, DT Calculator is a miniature presentation.

The app is divided into three tabs at the bottom of the screen: Calculator, Video, and About. The Calculator tab is the main attraction as it's the tool that will actually calculate your true cost of server downtime. Here, IT admins can enter specific data for their company in fields like Yearly Revenue, Business Hours, Number of Employees Affected, and more. Once this info is in place, and once the servers go down, just hit the “Panic” button to start a timer that shows the ever-mounting costs in real time. It’s that cost, the bold, bright red number in the center of the screen, that’s supposed to persuade/scare the boss into an upgrade.

If that isn’t enough, the Video section of the app has 10 short animated videos meant to illustrate the various types of people who could benefit from services by Storagepipe. Unless you really want to watch 10 consecutive advertisements, you can skip this part of the app altogether. The About tab is also more or less a sales pitch, so feel free to ignore it.

While DT Calculator does what it says it will, it’s missing a key feature: the ability to calculate the cost of a specific length of downtime. As it is now, if a user wishes to see the total cost of a hypothetical server failure that lasts, say, ten minutes, the user must either hit the panic button and wait ten minutes, or simply do all the math herself.

Fortunately, that is the app’s greatest flaw. For an app that’s free, it’s a forgivable oversight. Overall, DT Calculator is a stable, good-looking app that is fast and easy to use. It’s also worth noting that DT Calculator is secure, meaning that the app does not store any of the data used in calculations. DT Calculator is recommended for any IT admin with a boss who just won’t listen.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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