Innovative Dub Siren Mixes Reggae and Sound Effects

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Dub Siren
Developer: Sawa Digital LLC
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dub-siren-interactive-raggae-mixer-iphoneDub Siren is one of the most innovative music apps I've seen to make it into the App Store in a long time. And that's coming from someone who isn't even capable of using the app to its fullest!

With some 55,750 apps in stock, sifting through the inventory to find the gems is getting harder all the time. Then, along comes Dub Siren, which streams music from some of the top Reggae, Dub and DubStep Internet radio stations and allows you to interactively mix music with a wide variety of Reggae effects like horns, beeps, boops and many other sound samples.

Until now, these effects have been exclusive to the professional disc jocks, according to Sawa Digital, the developer. I'm not sure about that, but what I do know is this app is a neat sound effects maker.

Dub Siren has two modes: Dub Mode, modeled after '70s classic analog synth and Dancehall Mode, which includes popular sound effects used by Reggae DJs today. Switching from one mode to the other is as simple as tilting your iPhone or iPod touch between landscape and portrait modes.

The app has several other features — too numerous to mention — such as faders for volume, pitch, speed and depth. In addition you have the option to select one of three wave effects: sine, square and saw. None of this will make much sense to you if you are not familiar with mixing (I'm not) but it's big fun to experiment.

You're not limited to listening to Reggae either. You can play music from your iPod's music collection in the background by first launching your iPod app and then launching Dub Siren. That's not a feature unique to Dub Siren. Unlike other apps, though, Dub Siren lets you throw in a spacey simulation of a machine gun over your music if you're so inclined.

The graphics are exceptionally well rendered and the controls are responsive. I did a lot of experimentation with this app and did not encounter any glitches or bugs.

Sawa Digital says pro DJs can use the Dub Siren and a iPhone or iPod touch as a standalone Reggae sound effects machine because it features a sophisticated audio algorithm and uncompressed audio files. I'm not entirely sure what all Dub Siren is capable of doing —I don't have a musical ear — but it sure sounds good to me.

Watch the Dub Siren Video for a demo:

Image Gallery: Dub Siren

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