Duck Killer Lacks Killer Instinct of Other Hunting Apps

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Duck Killer
Developer: Mikhail Solovyev
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duck killer iphone gameHunting has a long tradition in video games. There was Duck Hunt, a classic that many still own or have downloaded to their Nintendo Wii. Or there is the Big Game Hunter series. Hunting games have developed their own niche among video game fans.

Unfortunately, Duck Killer will not go down in video game lore. It is a one-dimensional app that gets old quite fast. In fact it is awkward from the start, as play begins immediately without any sort of opening or options screen. Suddenly some odd-looking ducks fill the screen. They fly in a slow, horizontal pattern in the foreground while an old-school red country barn sits in the background.

To shoot a duck, simply tap on one. It essentially is an iPhone version of whack-a-mole.

In Duck Killer there are two types of ducks: ones you should shoot and ones you don't. Unfortunately I had to discover which ducks to kill through trial and error. Go for the tan-colored ones, as gunning down a yellow duck drops your score.

The goal of Duck Killer is to shoot as many ducks as you can to ramp up the score before the timer runs out. There is an unlimited amount of ammo, but it takes about a second to reload. You can track how many bullets are in the barrel at the bottom of the screen.

A series of dandelions float up the screen. Every time one is shot it changes up some parameter of game play. It may turn all the ducks yellow. Or all tan. It is kind of a mystery, so kill them at your own peril.

When the timer goes off you enter your name and it is recorded on the scoreboard. And that is it. No options for more difficult rounds, customization, or other feature changes. Kill the ducks and then you are finished.

For a quick round of duck hunting, Duck Killer may suffice. But look elsewhere for any type of depth or extended game play.

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