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E! Online
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Gossip gangsters unite! There is a new entertainment news app floating around in the App Store.  E! Online is the new app from E! Entertainment that handles all your entertainment news needs.

With E! Online you have around-the-clock  access to all the best things from the Web site including breaking news, videos, and photos all from your handset. You can even watch clips from your favorite E! shows like The Soup, Chelsea Lately, Keeping Up With The Kardarshians and The Girl's Next Door.

A nice special feature in E! Online is that you can customize your own list of celebrities to follow. So, if you're absolutely obsessed with knowing the latest on celebs like Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, or Robert Pattison you can set part of E! Online to give you the latest news, video and photos only on your faves. And the party doesn't end there you also have access to your favorite E! Online resources. Check out the gossip from Marc Malkin, Ted Casablanca's The Awful Truth, The Answer B*tch, Movies Reviews and so much more.

E! online is simple to use. One flick of the finger gets you to the home screen where you can choose the type of media you're looking for. When you start the app it takes a few seconds to load but nothing so long you'll pull your hair out. It's pretty easy to navigate. And, if  you're searching for something using search tool it generally yields good results.

From a design perspective,  it's not cluttered or full of stuff that gets in the way of getting to the good stuff, the gossip. Definitely expect for the app to provide you with the same colorful, fun and smooth looking E! interface that you have seen on the web. The high-resolution pictures are impressive and the videos load quickly.

While E! Online looks beautiful and is well-designed it does have a couple of points of improvement. The first being that you can't comment on any of the stories or videos. Gossip is no fun if you're the only one talking about it. There also lots of comments about Facebook and Twitter but it doesn't directly link to any of those.

Overall, E! Online is a great application distinguishing itself with a cool modern design, special features and excellent content. If you like your gossip free you won't have to worry.

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