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EasyTrails GPS
Developer: Zirak Srl
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EasyTrails GPS 6If you're an avid hiker, bike rider, runner or all-around outdoors enthusiast there are several apps that you can use to enhance your experiences. Enter EasyTrails GPS 6 — a navigation and tracking app made specifically for lovers of the great outdoors. EasyTrails GPS 6 has features that can be employed in all sorts of activities, but most of all, it provides a quick and easy way to navigate, track and share your outdoor ventures.

EasyTrails GPS 6 has several main features including exporting and importing tracks and waypoints, easy navigation to points of interest and the ability to stop and resume tracks. Users can store up to 2500 waypoints, wirelessly import and export to related services and compatible files and save photos and descriptions to all waypoints. In addition, EasyTrails GPS 6 allows for sharing locations on Facebook and Twitter and provides real-time displays of distance, speed and altitude.

Whether you're going on a bike ride and want to track your trip, are planning a hike to a point of interest or want to navigate to a specific waypoint for geocaching or simple sight-seeing, EasyTrails GPS 6 makes it simple. A digital compass, sound alerts and no need for internet connection for make it a practical application for navigation and tracking. Though equipped with some pretty cool advanced features, even basic use, simple map view and manual entry of waypoints is quick and easy.

It's worth noting that some of the uses of this app will not be apparent to all users – especially those who are new to GPS navigation, so a bit of exploration could be in order. The default measurement of distance and speed is metric, but can be changed in the iPhone settings menu for the app. As far as accuracy and reliability, EasyTrails GPS 6 seems to provide both.

When recording a trip to track, it is possible that interruptions may occur from accidental button pushing, but calls do not interrupt the recording session. Music can also be played from your library in the background and though EasyTrails GPS 6 was designed to maximize battery resources, managing power and use may require some attention.

All in all, EasyTrails GPS is a nice app for navigation, the display and interface are both quality and the overall performance of EasyTrails GPS 6 is good for just about any outdoor activity. Take it hiking, skiing, riding, running or on any outdoor adventure and discover and share the great outdoors without ever getting lost.

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  • Paul

    ★★★★★ Nice app!!!
    I'm using it quite a lot in the last month, and just recently got a very nice look too! (y)