Living Life on the Edge May be Cliche but it's a Compelling Puzzle Game


edge iphoneIt's been a while since I've had an "Aha!" moment with an iPhone or iPod touch app. Mobigame's Edge reminded me of what I've been missing. It's by far one of the most compelling games that I've seen in the App Store.

There's not much to Edge and yet, there's everything. The graphics are basic. The primary game piece is a cube and the playing field is a composed of cubes on a multiple of tiers. You have the option of moving the cube with a finger or the accelerometer. I found using the motion sensor control more challenging and more fun.

The object of Edge is to move the cube around the playing field, picking up points and avoiding either getting knocked or falling off the platform. Edge is so simple anyone can play it.

Yet, it's hypnotic, engaging and I hate to say it — because the word has become a cliche when used to describe a game — addictive. The sound effects are pleasing and vary enough so they don't become monotonous. Anyway, you have the option of turning the sound on/off.

Edge has a couple of flaws. One, control over the cube's movement is imprecise and it's easy to overshoot your mark and fall off the platform. Perhaps a tweak to the Edge's physics would take care of that. The instructions appear to have been written by a non-native English writer — they could be a bit clearer and more complete. For example, while running through my checklist of things I usually look for when reviewing an app, I found I could put Edge into landscape mode using two fingers, which is not mentioned in the instructions.

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  • Raman

    I love this game. I almost never buy games, but this one looked so fun in the video that I couldn't resist.

    I believe the developers are French. I also didn't know about being able to rotate the screen until I saw a comment on the app store.

    Fun trying to get to the underground/hidden little cubes.

  • Mitch Olson

    I was excited when I first saw the preview video of this game, and bought when it first came out. But personally I am very disappointed. It looks good, & sounds good, but the game play is very shallow. There is 2 levels of skill & 2 types of challenge involved - easy & damned frustrating. And the same ones are presented over and over again. Boring. If a friend asked me whether they should buy this game I would tell them to give it a miss, and buy something like Rolando instead.

  • orlando

    this game is just AWESOME!! i prefer to control the cube with my finger, but i guess some people have a problem with their finger/brain connection :) that's why Escher is unique so does Edge!