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Election 2016 Map (AppStore Link)
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Election 2016 Map
Developer: Anthony West Jr
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electoral mapElectoral Map is a pretty straightforward application that lets you track the US presidential election with up-to-date polls by state on a map. By clicking on the info button, you can see the underlying data and sort it by state, polling date, and size of lead for either candidate.

Electoral Map is a good-looking, informational app that actually works. Unfortunately, the information provided isn't anything that you can't grab from dozens of sources online. If you're enough of a political junkie to download Electoral Map, you probably don't need it in the first place, begging the question of who the audience for this app is. More information about who did the polling and the margin of error of the polls would also be useful.

Bottom line is that it's hard to recommend Electoral Map when it doesn't provide anything that isn't easily obtainable online, and since the shelf life of the app right now is about 2 weeks.

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