Even Real Smoking Would Be Better than Electric Smoking

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Electric Smoke
Developer: Nico Becherer
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electric smoke iphoneDo you enjoy smoking cigarettes but are bothered by the whole lung cancer thing?

Nico Becherer's Electric Smoke app is a realistic-looking cigarette or cigar that you can "smoke" by inhaling through the iPhone's microphone. Tap a button to light up and inhale on the microphone. The harder you huff, the hotter the head of the butt gets. The length of the ash never varies, unlike the real thing..

What's pretty cool — conceptually, anyway — is that you can light your cigarette or cigar with other apps such as Smule Sonic Lighter. Electric Smoke, which uses Smule's audio tech, is an example "proximate networking," Smulean for something that "fosters physical interactions in an increasingly virtual world."

With Electric Smoke there's a stats page where you can track the number of cigarettes and cigars you smoke, the average time it took to smoke each of them and other information. What other information exactly? I'm afraid to go back and find out. You see, four out of five times I went to the stats page, the Electric Smoke crashed. Now, I don't go there any more.

Trust me, you're better off sucking on a real cancer stick, while standing in the rain, in front of the lobby of the building where you work, when your health-nut boss walks by than messing around with this foolish smoking app.

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  • Macy F

    Eww, I hate second hand smoke. At least they haven't figured out how to make smoke come out of the iPhone. If that happens we will be in real trouble. Thanks for the review anyhow.