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Developer: Full Control ApS
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ElectroCute for iPhoneElectroCute is a sheepishly skillful game that leads players on an electrifying mission. Protect your flock of sheep by tapping and pinching the screen to create lightning bolts to blow up the UFOs as they hover over a grim and dark hillside pasture. In addition to destroying the UFO’s, you must avoid killing off your sheep. If you fail to destroy the UFO’s they try to abduct your sheep. The spaceships hover and zip across the screen first in small numbers and quickly multiply all over the screen making it increasingly more difficult to obliterate them.

ElectroCute does offer you a bit of help. There is a shield that occasionally appears on the screen. Tap it and it protects your sheep for a limited amount of time while you take out the UFO’s. There is a bomb that will destroy UFO’s, but beware it will also destroy your sheep. There is an hour glass that freezes time while you zip around the screen and destroy all the flying saucers that aren’t close to your flock. Finally, the heart gives you an extra life. Accidentally, zapping one of your sheep kills them so the heart is critical to remaining in the game after an unavoidable or accidental killing of a sheep.

The music of the game is good. And the sound effects are crisp and kind of funny. (Think about sounds that sheep make.)

Visually, there is a lot of detail. This the sheep and ships feel too small. I felt like I was squinting a couple of times to make out icons versus ships. While the dark screen helps the game feel ominous. It’s also makes it difficult to see.

The help page is also cluttered and hard to read at a glance. The "help" and "hint" fonts are smaller than they should be. Two screens of a help menu wouldn’t detract from the playing experience or the overall appearances of the app. Users often complain about the inability to play games in landscape mode. Since the lambs are in a field a landscape option might make it easier to discern UFO and directly tap it or around it.

The game is definitely a bargain for those watching their wallet. The developers have slashed the priced to $1.99 for a limited time.

Overall, ElectroCute is fun and easy to play. It’s not so easy to beat on your first attempt but you’ll have fun trying again and again.

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  • brian

    Not very realistic but fun nevertheless!

  • roxy22

    If u can't afford this, you're a sheepskate hah

  • MaxxineStamos

    the backgrounds in this game are very pretty

  • Toyo

    It's not fair - you're giving this game 7/10 and Buggled (which is technically much more advanced and interesting to play) - 4/10.

    These games cost the same $1.99, and you say that Electrocute is "a bargain" and Buggled is "overpriced", - that makes me feel one of your reviews is heavily biased, as it is evident that Buggled is waaaay better than this game.