Elvis Mobile is all Shook Up

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elvis mobile iphone appIf you’re a fan of the Elvis.com site, you’ll like the Elvis Mobile app. However, it you’re a fan of Elvis, then you might not find the Elvis Mobile app as appealing.

Elvis Mobile is a direct link to Elvis.com, the site run by Elvis Presley Enterprises. Content on Elvis Mobile is maintained by Elvis Presley Enterprises and will be updated regularly, EPE says. The app was developed by RESOLUTE Games on the estate’s behalf.

Elvis Mobile is simple-minded replica of Elvis.com and its popular features: Fans can view newly released pictures and videos, listen to podcasts from Elvis Radio and touch their inner Elvises in other ways. At the moment, I could find only a single picture of the King on the app, but I’m sure plans are underway to add more without having to load Web pages.

One feature of Elvis Mobile I do like: There’s an Elvis Sightings section where fans can submit their Elvis pictures to Elvis.com and simultaneously update their Facebook pages with the same pictures (usually of posters and painting). There’s also a Live cam view of Presley’s Graceland mansion in Memphis.

In short, Elvis Mobile gives you a lot of what you’ll find on the Web site. The problem is the content accessible through Elvis Mobile is fetched from the Web site. The latest Elvis news and sightings are not stored locally so you can read them later; it’s one-page-at-a-time at Web speed, and as you know, that get’s tired pretty fast, even with the fastest sites and connections.

Web pages are optimized for the iPhone or iPod touch either, which I think is a bit of a let down. I wasn’t even able to read pages in landscape mode through the app, as you can in Safari. Access to the site can sometimes be slow too, even on a fast Wi-Fi network, so Elvis Mobile can be tedious to us.

What it comes down to is that Elvis Mobile is an Elvis.com app that fails to exploit any of the unique and exciting features of the iPhone or iPod touch. Why bother, if you can’t add some value to what users can already do without installing an app, even a free one?

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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