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Endless War
Developer: Omnitel Inc.
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Endless War for iOSJust like for Maverick and Goose, Endless War is all about a good soundtrack and top gun dogfighting. And while you won't have a wingman in this space fighter, you'll still have a blast going below the hard deck and shooting down a slew of bogeys.

Upon launching Endless War you have to create a profile, which is simple and completed within a few steps after picking a name, difficulty and ship. The point of the game is to stave off an endless borage of alien fighters who have more advanced weapons that you do to start out with. Fortunately, there is more than one way out of this, but you'll have to fight, earn points and continue to upgrade level after level to stand a chance in later gameplay.

If you have more than one gamer in the household or like to take different approaches, you can setup three separate gamer profiles that can be saved to. Makes it easy to try different weapon combos. You can also select from three different aircrafts of which offer varying degrees of ammo, armor and abilities. 

The vertical scrolling space shooter has a killer combination of just the right amount of gaming and necessity to upgrade your aircraft by developing your weapons and defenses and upgrading your equipment. After a few times gaming, you'll have enough coins to make some upgrades, including picking a new gunner such as plasma, wave or laser.

The default is machine gun, which isn't bad, but I found the wave gun to be more effective. One of the most interesting weapons was the plasma. It's unique in that it's not a straight beam. In fact, it will bend to zap one or several foes at one time. This is helpful as you can get close to your enemies (bullets are attracted to your ship) and keep the bullets coming to one area, while shooting in another.

Also, you can add missiles and guided lasers, which bring the carnage to a maximum. In addition to the regular weapons, there are other useful items such as resurrection tokens, black holes, HP boosters, shield boosters and matrix time warps. But watch out as they're only available for a certain amount of uses.

There are fifteen planets that you, as a fighter, must complete to become the supreme overload, and of course, each level has its own difficulties and challenges and the aliens become smarter and shift strategies to try and keep you from achieving total domination. This is why it is imperative to continue upgrading your ship. Sure, it's going to take some time, but it's worth it as gameplay is frantic, hectic and addictive. Definitely check Endless War out if you're into space shooters.

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