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EpicHearts Plus
Developer: Four Thirty Three
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It’s not all that uncommon to find “RPG – ish” or “RPG-esque” games for iOS. Many RPG inspired games have some elements of a true role-playing game, but in the case of EpicHearts you actually get a RPG in the true sense of the term and an amazingly in-depth game with a pretty solid story line, lovely Korean-style artwork and quite a bit of immersion to boot. To begin with, EpicHearts has 8 different worlds to explore and well over 200 objectives or quests to complete. When you add in a story line about defending dragons and characters with a bit of personality and chemistry, you wind up with a solid game.

Fortunately, in spite of its depth and dimension, Epic Hearts offers up a fairly short learning curve by incorporating intuitive controls and interface. Players have their choice of an on-screen D-pad control option or a tap to control style of maneuverability – despite needing a bit of time to adjust to, they both seem responsive enough and thus a matter of personal preference. Learning to use weapons and special abilities is also easy – with a pretty basic introduction right off the bat and the basics are adhered to throughout. Due to the vast number of items and skills there are to acquire, this level of consistency is appreciated. Besides intuitive controls and maneuvering achieved through grinding, EpicHearts also gives off a sense of immersion lacking in some iOS RPG titles.

Throughout the game, the story line grows and unfolds itself in a fashion that reveals the right information at just the right time. There is considerable depth to the overall game and whether you’re learning a new skill, fighting new enemies or simply rendering a task or challenge complete, EpicHearts has nice flow and the story line itself isn’t overdone, but rather takes a uniquely classic approach. Despite all the definite and obvious positives, there are a few noticeable glitches – like text layout – that might not directly interfere with gameplay but are obvious nonetheless.

Overall, fans of RPG games, especially in mobile format, will surely find at least one thing, if not several, to love about EpicHearts. It does have a rather addictive nature about it, so be warned it’s not a casual pick-up-and-play, but RPG fans of nearly every skill level can be quickly drawn in to EpicHearts. For its depth and engaging gameplay, EpicHearts Plus is worth the $1.99 investment, but if you’re a “try before you buy” kind of person, then by all means start with the available free version of EpicHearts. Though we didn’t test it, the developers claim that any progress made playing the free version will carry over to the paid version should you decide to buy.

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