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ESPN Cameraman is an EpicTilt developed game that is simple and satisfying to play. The core objective behind ESPN Cameraman is to spot the differences between two identical pictures with some subtle differences. Once you mix that in with one of the largest sports brands out there in ESPN, it instantly becomes relevant and interesting for any sports fan out there.

After a flashy little introduction featuring some standard ESPN music and animation, the slick game menu pops up. Users have the opportunity to start the game, view leaderboards, check out the mobile ESPN site, or view a static page detailing the gameplay mechanics. Luckily, ESPN Cameraman loads fast so there is no frustration factor in exploring the various options in the game.

Picking up the basics are easy. You have two pictures side by side. The goal is to find the five instances where the pictures are different from each other. Things like missing shoelaces, different jersey numbers, or brand inconsistencies are a few of the many things to look for. Once you spot a difference, tap the area on either picture and both areas are highlighted by red circles. Guess incorrectly and the screen will shake.

Some of the differences in ESPN Cameraman are rather obvious while others are hidden nicely. For more difficult scenes, users have three hints that can be used at any time to get past problems. On top of those mechanics, there is a timer to fight against (with bonus points implications) along with penalties for guessing incorrectly. Scores are tracked and with a simple tap of the glass, you can see how your score compares with people all over the country.

I do have a few gripes with ESPN Cameraman. If a user puts a substantial amount of time into the game, they will start to notice repetition in the pictures. It would be ideal if this game could track which images I’ve already solved. Also, having variety in the music would be a nice touch. Users essentially have two options: listen to a looping song over and over again or mute the music altogether.

Despite these minor annoyances, ESPN Cameraman is a great game to have on the iPhone or iPod touch. In fact, it’s one of those free games that I would have no problem paying a few bucks for. Sports fans should check this one out.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • THETA Poker

    > Custom soundtracks that pull from the iPod music library would be a great addition to address this issue.

    Don't blame ESPN Cameraman for this; that's a limitation imposed by Apple. You can tap on the speaker icon, set the Music to "OFF", and listen to whatever is already playing from your library just like in THETA Poker and some but not all other iPhone apps.

  • Shawn Leonard

    Thanks for the insight THETA, I'll amend the review to recognize the point you make. It will not change the score though as the problem still remains.

  • Michelle

    ESPN Cameraman get a little difficult with those small items. I think Photo Spot is a better game.