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eventhorizon iphoneEventHorizon - When it comes to organizing my life, I am a fan of Things and iCal. I use Things for my to-do list, and iCal for all of my appointments, birthdays and scheduled events. When I downloaded EventHorizon, I wanted to know what this productivity app offers that I do not already have. Could it organize all of my stuff for me in one app, thus making my life simpler?

The answer is maybe. EventHorizon from Percula provides a list of event reminders that looks like a to-do list, prioritized by due date and sorted into categories with cute icons. The interface for entering items looks almost identical to iCal and your iPhone calendar so it is easy for both iPhone and Mac lovers to use. EventHorizon provides about a dozen categories for your items including education, financial, birthdays, work, travel and romantic.

The best part about EventHorizon is that it is customizable. You can set default reminder time periods and change the reminder period for individual events. You can add your own categories and download custom icons for them. You can view your entries via the reminder list or by category. You can also backup your data through email. EventHorizon is less expensive and less complicated than task manager OmniFocus, but much more detailed and applicable than a general productivity app like iSticky.

For me, EventHorizon provides more than a generic to-do list like Things but falls short of replacing my calendar, mostly because it does not offer the option of a calendar view. I personally like to see the whole week or month in iCal.

EventHorizon only has a couple of features that I would like to see changed. One is that my events were displayed in army time, which makes my brain hurt. Birthdays and anniversaries are pulled from the iPhone’s contacts, and I would also like the option to add birthdays directly to EventHorizon. My 4-year-old nephew does not have his own phone number, but I still need to remember his birthday. Unfortunately, due to Apple regulations, EventHorizon cannot show pop-up reminders nor can it sync with your iPhone calendar.

The price is right for EventHorizon and its customizable features give it great potential to be your primary productivity app.

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  • http://www.perculasoft.com Charles Gamble

    I am the author of EventHorizon, thanks for the review and feedback. I will add an option for 12/24hr times in a future update, for people who don't like "army time" :-)

    Also, if you want to track birthdays for people who are *not* in your address book, you can always just create a new category called Birthdays and put them in there, same goes for anniversaries.

  • Ben Fischer

    One thing the iPhone's native apps won't do is create calendar events using contacts. For instance, I would like to go to my contacts list, find my dentist, then create a calendar event from that point. The calendar then would display the event plus it would prefill it with any relevant contact info.

    Does Event Horizon exploit this potential? I haven't yet downloaded this new app.

  • http://www.perculasoft.com Charles Gamble

    Hi Ben,

    EventHorizon doesn't currently do that, but it sounds interesting so I will look into it.

  • Ben Fischer

    Of course, the flip side of that would be to start with a calendar item, then attach information drawn from my contacts list.

    I'm puzzled as to why this isn't a native capability of the iPhone and me.com's calendar and contacts lists. It'd seem to be a no-brainer, akin to the seamless integrations with the mapping software and contacts.

    I'm sure they'd like you to do their heavy lifting.

    Go for it, please

  • http://www.perculasoft.com Charles Gamble

    Version 1.1.0 of EventHorizon now allows you to choose between 12 and 24-hour time for your events.

  • Russell

    How is this helpful if we can't import into the calendar app?

  • http://www.perculasoft.com/eventhorizon Charles Gamble

    Many people have lots of things to keep track of, which they don't necessarily want cluttering up their day-to-day calendar. EventHorizon is great for those:
    * Birthdays, anniversaries from your address book.
    * Expiry dates for documents, etc (do you know when your passport or driving licence expires?)
    * Regular payment reminders, etc
    * Deadlines