EveryTrail - Share Your Travel Experiences via iPhone

everytrail iphone app

The idea behind EveryTrail is simple - use your iPhone, with its built-in GPS and camera, to map ("geotag") photos as you travel locally or around the world. EveryTrail then takes this "geotagged user generated travel content" and creates a unique mashup you can share online with your friend or the EveryTrail community. Start your trip, take and automatically geotag photos and access key travel stats (such as maps, distance traveled, speed and altitude) as you travel.

While reviewing the application, I decided to take a short trip to a local park with my two boys and upload my trip to EveryTrail. I found the application simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use. EveryTrail definitely gets the job done.  The iPhone platform is created a growing number of new and exciting applications that really didn't exist beforehand - EveryTrail probably belongs in this category.

Battery life is definitely a consideration and EveryTrail recommends that you set the screen brightness to the lowest level and even turn off WiFi and 3G! This is because the application needs to be active and cannot "sleep" during the trip (In fairness, this is more a limitation of the iPhone 2.0 itself).

If you are an avid traveler or simply like the outdoors, you'll enjoy using EveryTrail to create and share your travel experiences quickly and easily.  You can also visit the EveryTrail website to explore thousands of shared trips from all over the globe!

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  • Bill

    Nice article. I have this App too, but personally I use a different one: 'GPS Log'. One big difference I found was that you don't have to keep the device switched on, so the battery isn't drained in a few hours. The downside is that less points are recorded as you have to chose when to log - but the upside is logging is very quick and at the end of the day, I'd rather have some juice left in my battery in case I need to use the phone. The photo features are also very cool.