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Exitstrategy iphoneExitstrategy is another app that will get you out of many an uncomfortable situation. Like Escape Pod, Exitstrategy creates an excuse for you to interrupt a meeting or a conversation. But instead of creating sounds that can be heard while the user is on the phone, Exitstrategy generates fake phone calls or SMS to rescue you when you need a change in topic or you are sitting across from someone you do not want to talk to anymore.

First-time iPhone app developer Maglevity Labs offers a customizable app for situations that everyone has been in. Exitstrategy's easy-to-use interface lets you choose the contact you want to receive a fake phone call from and it lets you set up a timer for the call. Once you receive the call, your iPhone will look just like it would when a real call comes in and you can pick up, step out and talk... to yourself.

Should an SMS be the choice of your exit, the app lets you set up a time and a sender from your contacts and you pen the SMS yourself. Again the phone will appear just like it would when a real SMS comes in. Should you find yourself in a desperate situation Exitstrategy also offers a panic button that will send a fake call by an unknown caller to your phone on a pre-set 3-minute timer.

One downside of Exitstrategy is that it must be exclusively open for it to work, which means you cannot use your iPhone for anything else at the time. Furthermore Exitstrategy shuts down and you won't be saved by the bell if you actually get a real call. Hopefully the developer will address these issues in an update.

But despite some room for improvement, Exitstrategy is undeniably useful and everyone will find themselves in situations where this app is just what you need. Basic acting skills and some lack of honesty are prerequisites for using Exitstrategy and if you are in a meeting with another iPhone user and they receive a call, that disrupting phone call might get a whole different meaning.

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  • SiliconValleyPro

    I already have an app that does this and more! It's called Wingman (http://bit.ly/wingman). It fakes a call, just like ExitStrategy, but it also gives you conversation starter ideas and date ideas, if you're in a good situation! It's really fun, and has already been useful. Check it out!