Expense Reports Counts, Tracks and Reports Your Pennies

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

expense reports iphoneIf you travel frequently and your expense reports tend to be complicated, you'll probably find Nexonia's Expense Reports will make your life on the road, if not free, at least easier.

The fittingly named Expense Reports gives you the ability to create and manage your expense reports, both on your iPhone and online at Nexonia's Web site. You also have the ability to take snapshots of your receipts, which some people intent on converting all their paper records into digital format might find useful.

Creating an expense report requires little effort. You need to enter a report title, code, department and the project name. To enter details about each expense, tap the Line Items icon and tap the Plus sign. You have a scroll wheel for expense categories, which makes entering and organizing expenses quicker. Then, fill in the numbers and you're pretty much done.

During, or after your trip, you can synch your iPhone's expense data with Nexonia's server. There, you can access your reports, add to or modify them, create additional reports and save it all as HTML, PDF and other formats.

Nexonia offers two expense tracking apps and both hinge on its Web site. The first is Expense Reports, which is for personal use. It's $14.99 and the Web-access monthly subscription fee is covered in the cost of the app.

The second is Nexonia Expenses, aimed at businesses. It's free but there's a monthly fee calculated on the number of users for Web access.

At first glance, $14.99 may seem like a bit much for a mere expense tracker but it's hard to overlook the benefits of using your iPhone to record your expenses day-to-day and then manage them and create reports using a Web browser, which is far more capable and robust.

Expense reports has some rough edges, however. The app crashed once and my iPhone would not sync one report with the Web site. There's no way to add expense categories to the scroll wheel. Navigation, although reasonably intuitive could be streamlined. The Web interface is unsophisticated but functional.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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