Eye vs. Eye Tests Your Skill for Perceiving Color

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Eye vs Eye iphoneEye vs. Eye by FORMation Alliance is a great little game for improving or testing your color matching skills. FORMation Alliance is an up and coming iPhone and iPod touch app contributor with a focus on designers.

Eye vs. Eye is a simple app that can be played individually or against a friend. The main goal of the game is to match the original color that is displayed on the screen within a certain amount of time. The original color is displayed on the screen for approximately 5 seconds. Once the color is taken away you are given ten seconds to slide the RGB (Red, Green & Blue) sliders to re-create the original color as closely as possible. Noted by the developers that in version 1.1 HSB, CMYK and Crayon options will be available as well as the current RGB.

Once loaded the main menu, which is beautifully designed to flow along with the game, displays options for solo play, resume contest, rules, credits and new contest.

Solo play is basically a practice mode. You are unable to keep score or an average but simply match color after color. New Contest allows you to start a new head to head match against an opponent. This mode will keep track of each players wins and can be continued by choosing Resume Contest or cleared by choosing New Contest again from the main menu. Selecting Rules brings you to a single page with brief descriptions about the game and its different modes.

There are a few things I would love to see implemented into future versions of the game. One being the ability to play matches over the web. This would definitely open up the playing field. Another would be to add more options in single player mode such as averages and personal bests. The developers have informed me that score tracking will be added, and Iā€™m assuming this will be for challenge mode.

Eye vs. Eye is a stimulating game not only for designers but anyone looking for a colorful challenge. The games interface is very well thought-out and user friendly as well as the actual gameplay. FORMation Alliance has two more games in the works focusing on design as well. I am excited for the release of these apps as well.

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