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F-MyLife iphone appF-MyLife - If you’re ever having one of those days that has you staring into space thinking your life sucks; You have a few options, either do something to improve your day or tap into the F-MyLife iPhone app by enormego and enjoy the dreadful accounts of people whose days are going far worse than yours.

F-MyLife iPhone app allows you to read the miserable, yet hilarious stories submitted to and posted on the popular website fmylife.com.  For the uninitiated fmylife.com is a site that describes itself in their, What's this site all about?, section as:

Fmylife.com contains a daily dose of short anecdotes, based on a simple recipe: in a few sentences, users can tell everyone the…moment which ruined their day. These short stories must begin with "Today" and end with "FML". On top of being a huge release for the person telling their story, delightfully proving that "f- ups" happen to everybody every day, fmylife.com also aims to be funny for everyone involved, as well as a way to share your misfortunes with other unlucky individuals, bearing in mind that self deprecation and a sense of irony are essential!

F-MyLife iPhone app has many ways for you to enjoy others misfortune. View the most recent additions by choosing the Recents options. Utilize the Shuffle option, if you enjoy randomness and want to read past and present accounts. There are even more ways to narrow your selections by selecting tabs such as, Best FML’s, Worst FML’s, Today, Week, Month, All Time, Featured, and Categories. Using the Categories options narrows your choices even further by dividing posts into Love, Money, Kids, Work, Health, and Miscellaneous choices.

Wondering what types of stories make the grade? Here’s a recent post.

Today, a 'salesman' came to my door wanting to tell me about the iPhone 3G. I told him I didn't need to know about it because I had just bought the white iPhone 3G for myself. He asked if he could see it. So I held it up, not giving it to him. He grabbed it, ran, saying "thanks for the iPhone, bitch!" FML

Now that’s sad, funny and not real believable. Which is often the topic of discussion in the comment section of each post. As ridiculous as many of the posts are the comments and discussions regarding the truthfulness of the post are equally funny.

One problem with F-MyLife is the inability to leave a comment on a post. You’ll have to go to the website to comment.  However you can select the vote option for a story and choose either I Agree or You Deserved It.

F-MyLife iPhone app allows you to enjoy the misfortune of others, and realize that your day is not that bad after all. Or, you might be inspired to log onto their site and chronicle your own miserable day.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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