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Face Melter Pro
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face melter pro iphone appFace Melter Pro lets you melt photos and create an animated video one frame at a time. This app is fantastic in theory. In reality, it has some issues.

The original Face Melter app was simple. Choose a photo, melt it with your fingertips and save it to your photo album. Updates to Face Melter allowed for animation. Now with Face Melter Pro — a separate app, not an upgrade — you can save the videos you create, edit them, email them to friends and upload them directly from your iPhone to YouTube.

At least that is what the developer of Face Melter Pro, Nico Becherer, had in mind. However, my iPhone crashed repeatedly when I tried to email a video. And every time I tried to upload my animation to YouTube, I got the message “upload failed.” Even uploading a single melted picture to Flickr seemed impossible at first when I kept receiving the message that there was a problem with my Flickr account. As it turns out, the picture did upload to Flickr despite the error message, but all attempts to send video via email or connect with YouTube were unsuccessful.

Face Melter Pro seemed complicated to use at first, but once I understood how to make a video, it was exciting to see this app’s potential. iPhone apps that let you create animation, such as Flipbook, are still uncommon. Face Melter Pro shows us what is possible and encourages us to dream big about what the iPhone is capable of doing.

I wish I could share my cool videos with people and not just have them sit on my iPhone. I know uploading Face Melter Pro animations to YouTube is possible because there are quite a few posted there.

There's so much potential here. Let’s hope the developer resolves the problems in future versions of Face Melter Pro.

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  • http://www.facemelter.de Nico

    Hi Amelia,
    thanks for the review. I'm a little bit surprised though, that you seem to be having problems with the online options.
    As you can see by visiting YouTube or Flickr and doing a search for "Face Melter Pro" or "Face Melter", there are a lot of people uploading videos to Face Melter and Flickr without having any problems. I also never received any complaint that these modes are not working.

    As I can see by the screen capture you did attach, there could be quite a difference between the time of your phone and the real local time (the capture shows 10:22 AM while the review was posted at 9:30 AM). Strange as it may sound, but that can be a problem with uploads to Flickr or YouTube from Mobile devices. Please check if your time settings are correct and if not - please correct them. Please also make sure, that you are using a 2.x firmware and not a beta firmware.

    Would be great if you could check that and - if it works out - adapt your review score. If it does, I'll also make sure, that it gets entered into the FAQ of the next version.

    Greetings, Nico

  • Dean

    everytime i try to send via email it tells me to check my email settings in facemelter pro settings.. i am not sure how to do it,,, for outgoing mail what do i put?? i have a yahoo account.. Dean

  • Jeremiah

    im having issue's trying to delete keyframes. I try to hit the little garbage can to delete a frame and it wont activate but when I hit the record button then the garbage button it will let me delete that one frame i cant delete a frame unless i hit the record button first.

  • francois

    I am also having problems with email in this app. I have tried with gmail, with and without SSL enabled. And I tried with my hotmail account with no success.

  • francois

    After a lot of trial and error I managed to get the mail to work and the developer was right in pointing to the mail settings. For me the mistake I made is when I entered the email info, since I have not had to do this for a long time now that OS X fills it all in automatically, I copied the information that was in my "mail" program of my desk top in the preferences. the way OS X fills in the "smtp out going mail server" it adds a colon : then your email as in "smtp.gmail.com:youremail@gmail.com" or hotmail etc.. I did not enter the colon or my email as in "smtp.gmail.com" and now it works. I think I am not the only one who has done this. I noticed other people also having problems with the email, may be this will help.