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facebook applicationIf, like me you are a heavy Facebook user, the Facebook app for the iPhone is a must have. Of course, it's completely free. And it's so good, you may never go back to the Facebook website again.

The Facebook iPhone app is broken into 5 tabs: home, profile, friends, chat and inbox. On home, you see the Facebook feed of all your friends. Since many people use twitter to update their Facebook status, it almost makes twitter irrelevant. The profile page allows you to browse your Facebook photo library, visit your wall, or update your personal info. 

The friends tab is probably the most interesting. It gives you one touch access to all of your Facebook friends. Given that it is a lot easier to friend somebody on the Facebook site, this in some sense becomes your "uber-address book". Similarily, the "chat" tab allows you to ping anybody who is online and start an instant message conversation with them: brilliant.

Finally, the inbox gives you immediate access to your Facebook mails. And it does it without asking you to login every time.

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  • brian1970

    I use iPhone Facebook all the time, but I've found hiccups when I try to upload a photo as my status. Maybe that's an AT&T coverage glitch or something. I'd like to start seeing all these apps provide interoperability. In fact, I think an App's quality should be judged on that. For example, when I snap a pic within the FB app, the pic should be saved to my iPhone photos folder. Currently it's not. And I should be able to email it, etc. And I should be able to leave one app open while I open another one. Maybe that'll be an update down the road, but for now, it's annoying. I know this is off topic, but it's my gripe.l

  • Fred Krueger

    i am getting a lot of facebook errors today. will recheck later.

  • http://iPodTouchScene.com iPodTouchScene.com

    They made a very good attempt at making facebook an ipod touch/iphone app. But let's admit it, there are too many features on facebook to make it go mobile.

  • Vic

    I agree with the last post. I think you can consider this a light-weight version of facebook. Its great if you are away from your computer, but there are too many things that the mobile version just doesn't do.

  • Alicia de Francisco

    How can I get this application?

  • http://facebook.com Chelsea

    Facebook has been nothing but worthless and slow and keeps crashing before I sen click a goddamn thing.

  • Facebook Friend

    I use iPhone Facebook all the time. I love it. There is a prob that irritates - uploading a photo as part of my status. Is that iPhone FB program or an AT&T thing? Wish something would be done to resolve that. Application is great overall, though